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Archival materials are grouped into collections relating to provenance and kept inside their order that is original whenever.

Archival Arrangement

Archival materials are grouped into collections based on provenance and kept within their order that is original whenever.

  • Provenance, significant archival concept (also called respect des fonds), requires that materials be grouped into collections in accordance with their source, maybe perhaps not based on their topic.
  • Original Order may be the arrangement of materials founded because of the creator associated with documents. Archivists maintain initial purchase whenever feasible as the arrangement can shed light as to how a person or company functioned and that can also simplify usage of the materials. Continue Reading →

This is the stanza that is first of piece of slam poetry my friend and I wrote and performed at our school’s rendition of TED Talks.

Over lunch one day, we discovered we shared a passion—an that is common on equality in all forms, feminism in particular. We discussed the issue of combating social issues, but agreed that spreading awareness was one method that is effective. This casual exchange evolved into a project involving weeks of collaboration.

We realized that together we're able to make a lot better impact so we composed a ten-minute poem aimed at inspiring people to consider important issues than we ever could have individually. We began by drafting stanzas, simultaneously editing one another’s writing, and soon after progressed to memorization, practicing together until our alternating lines flowed and phrases spoken together were completely synchronized. Continue Reading →