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Cut Adjectives and Adverbs

This really is one thing Ernest Hemingway became well-known for. While being employed as a reporter, he discovered to cut words that are unnecessary arrive at the purpose of the story as quickly as possible, claiming that every those additional adjectives/adverbs might be filled in by readers’ imaginations therefore the context of this tale.

Simply just Take this phrase: “The frightened girl quickly went from the drooling, crazy, rotting zombie.” Is all that necessary? How about: “She ran from the zombie.” Is this really any various? Or could you simply assume the girl is frightened, she’s running fast, together with zombie is hideous?

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Eliminate Redundant Phrases And Words

Only at ProofreadingPal, you will find entire classes of terms and expressions we delete right away because they're redundant incorporating:

  • Basic terms such as “basically” or “truly.” These don’t actually add almost anything to your writing and hence get cut.
  • Qualifiers such as “very”, “really,” and “quite.” These don’t add anything either. They’re too obscure and simply replaced by better terms. Just just Take “I’m actually hungry,” for example. Is it a sentence that is good? Or is “I’m starving” better?
  • Connecting expressions such as “in order to.” Glance at, “I need cash so that you can purchase a journey to Jurassic Park,” in contrast to “I require online homework help cash buying a visit to Jurassic Park.” Same meaning, less terms. Continue Reading →