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Elements of a Sentence-help on paper your essay

A phrase has two primary parts, a topic and a predicate.

  • The subject that is simple whom or just just what the phrase is mostly about. (underlined in instance)
  • The complete topic is most of the words when you look at the topic. (boldfaced in instance)

The black colored pet chased the white dog round the garden.

  • The easy predicate informs exactly just just what the niche is or does. (underlined in instance)
  • The predicate that is complete most of the words within the predicate. (boldfaced in example)

The black cat chased the white dog round the garden.

The key Notion Of A phrase

A subject that is easy a simple predicate kind the main notion of a phrase. The easy topic in addition to easy predicate can standalone being a sentence that is complete. The further far from the idea that is main sentence moves, the more confusing the writing becomes for your reader. Continue Reading →